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elaine latzman moon

Published Works, Career


Homeland: Dream of My Father,  Koreny, Journal of the Czech & Slovak American Geneology Society, 2011-2013.

Listen Up: The Poetic Expression of Apartheid,  Master's Thesis, 1996

Untold Tales, Unsung Heroes: An Oral History of Detroit’s African American
Community, 1918-1967
, published by Wayne State University Press, 1994

Detroit 1701 - 1976, published by Detroit Bicentennial Commission, 1976

Articles: local history, art and architecture, urban life, and biographical profiles:

"Homeland: Dream of My Father," Koreny, 2011, 2012 (chapters 1 & 2 of book manuscript)
“Haitian Artists Becoming Self-Sufficient," Michigan Christian Advocate, 2008
“Lafayette Park Marks 50th year” The Monitor, 2007
“Detroit: the Renaissance City,” Fortune Magazine, 1980
“Corrado Parducci’s High Art,” Detroit Free Press, 1976
"Detroit: City on Wheels," Mankind, 1975
“Lafayette Park: The Only Place in the World to Live,” The Detroiter, 1975
"Hull: Hero or Bum," The Detroiter, 1975
“The Rowdy Beginnings of Detroit’s Fire Department," The Detroiter, 1974
“Old Buildings: Gems or Junk?” The Detroiter, 1974
“It Started with a Prayer,” The Detroiter, 1974
“Paradise Valley,” Detroit Discovery, 1974
“The Fisher Building: The City’s Largest Art Object,” The Detroiter, 1974
“Nancy Martin, Unlikely Heroine,” The Detroiter, 1973
“Ossip Gabrilowitsch: He Demanded and Got Orchestra Hall,” The Detroiter, 1973
“Getting Wet Isn’t What It Used to Be,” The Detroiter, 1973

Creative Director, Media & Community Relations Director:

writing, editing, photography, design, print coordination, and media relations for business:

Manufacturing and Service Companies:
Detroit Pump, Brochure
Farbman/Stein & Company Real Estate Development, Brochures
GSG Corporation, Brochures
Gunn Levine Associates Architects, Brochure
Jones Transport, Newsletters
Keyboard Service Center, Brochure
Mindell, Panzer, Mulcahy and Malin, Attorneys, Collateral Publications Package
Real Estate Development and Investment Company, Brochures
Rivertown Business Association, Events Planning and Coordination, Media Relations
M. Scott Kemp--Consultants to Management, Brochure
Shearskins, Brochure
Torca Products, Brochure
TMP Associates/Architects, Brochure
Trizec Corporation, Newsletters for First National Building and Fisher Building

Nonprofit Organizations:

Aurora Hospital Osteopathic, Brochure
Detroit Bicentennial Commission, Comprehensive Communication Services
Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Comprehensive Communication Services
Detroit Historic District Commission, Brochure
Detroit Recreation Department, Newsletters
Detroit Urban League, Comprehensive Communication Services
Iglesia Metodista de Puerto Rico, Photography, Brochure
Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Detroit V Publication
HP DEVCO, Annual Report
Hutzel Hospital, Brochure
Lafayette Park Community, Media Relations, Video
Local Initiative Support Corporation, Newsletters
Metropolitan United Methodist Church, Media Relations
Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center, Brochure
Redford Medical Center, Brochure
Rossetti Associates/Architects Planners, Comprehensive Communication Services
UNICEF in Namibia, Photography, Brochure
Virginia Park Community Investment Associates, Communication Services
Wayne State University Biology Department, Newsletters

To research Elaine Latzman Moon and her work - find the Elaine Moon Papers at the

Wayne State University Walter P. Reuther Library


This site is maintained by Elaine Moon's daughter, Cybele Moon, and her grandaughter, Evyn Moon. It is a work in progress. 8.2020

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